Call To Duty

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. In October 2015, following the horror of the human tragedy of (Aylan Kurdi), it was this child's plight which encouraged the Call to Duty group of local young people to come together to Help tackle the refugee crisis. 

The Call to Duty group have pledged to raise money to help the refugee crisis.  They have done very well so far, with three European aid deliveries completed.


The Groups Story so far:

In light of the refugee crisis we started to fundraise by taking to the streets, local business & within a space of just 12 days we managed to pull in just over £18,000 in donations - which was all used to purchase essential aid (sleeping bags, food packs etc) to give to those in need. Thank you for your support!

The reality out there is extremely difficult to describe, we cannot begin to explain the sheer amount of people - children, women, elderly & the walking wounded have nothing. Just waiting for YOUR help. 

As volunteers we pay all our expenses to ensure 100% of the funds donated are being spent to help the Refugees. 

We, as a group of friends, are going to be travelling out to Europe on a regular basis throughout 2016 & need your URGENT help. 

Our main aim this time is to provide winter clothing via our Winter Pack which includes a scarf, hat, hooded top & a pair of gloves. Will you please support us to help those in most need?

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