As an employer in its own right, Youth Action recognises the challenges that business face when looking for new staff who will prove to be reliable, hard-working and suitably skilled for their roles. Recruiting young employees, whose previous experience and career histories are inevitably quite short, is particularly challenging and it’s a process that can prove to be both costly and frustrating.

If you have ever struggled to find the right young candidate for a job, then Youth Action can provide precisely the support and resources you need to make the recruitment process much simpler, more efficient and more rewarding.

A large number of our members are at an age when they are looking to their futures and they are acutely conscious of their capabilities, experience and employability. With this in mind, we help them to develop the skills that ‘real world’ employers are looking for and we help them to prepare themselves for the world of work. We organise work placements, apprenticeship programmes and workshops that ensure that they are ready to meet the demands of the modern job market.

Through these activities, we can give you access to a ready supply of eager and conscientious young workers and we can also play an active role in filtering the list of candidates so that your time is used as productively as possible, dealing only with those whose skills and aspirations best fit the role. We know that if we are to safeguard our own reputation, the applicants we recommend must be credible, committed and suitably qualified, so you can rest assured that we will only put forward young people whom we believe can genuinely do the job well.

Working with Youth Action in this way can therefore save you money and create opportunities for positive news stories that will underscore your credentials as a responsible regional employer.